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Why buy Molding Minds?


Molding Minds is not just a book; it's a transformative journey that has the power to change your life. Delving into the remarkable narrative of overcoming adversity, this book brilliantly navigates the landscape of having a disability and transforms it into a unique avenue for learning. The author tells a compelling story of his great friend Ryan, who is a true testament to resilience, offering profound insights into harnessing the power of applied knowledge. Molding Minds goes beyond traditional education, illustrating how the equation of applied knowledge plus changed behavior equals true transformation. It also serves as a beacon of inspiration, challenging conventional perspectives and proving that every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Prepare to embark on a life-altering exploration of personal development and empowerment, as Molding Minds guides you toward a transformative path where disability becomes a catalyst for unparalleled learning and self-discovery.

Molding Minds

SKU: 364215376135193
Hard Back : signed copy
  • This book will:

    • Share personal stories about having a difficult time in education
    • Explain how relationships are vital for success
    • Show you many examples of how you can turn your life around
    • Demonstrate how passion with hard work can forge a life of fulfillment
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