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My Story

John Grdina is a special education teacher, podcast host, leadership coach, and so much more. He has taught in public education for the past 18 years, including career and technical education as well, where he began his career. He has also coached baseball and golf and teaches a leadership class at his school.

John graduated from John Carroll University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, earned his Master’s in Education in 2009 from Notre Dame College, and his Education Innovation and Leadership endorsement in 2019 from Fort Hays State University. He continues to coach varsity golf and a leadership course at a suburban school on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.


In his spare time, he is an ultra-endurance athlete. He also helps train other athletes across the United States, is the owner of a TrueSupporter Group that prays for those in need, and the founder of 40 Days of Deliverance, a program to improve individuals’ mind, body, and spirit.

John currently lives in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, with his wife (Megan) and four children (Giuliana, Benjamin, Calvin, and Elijah). He enjoys nature walks with his family in his leisure time, coaching and supporting his children’s local sports teams, and spending time with his extended family. He loves helping others grow and wants everyone to “exhaust all their gifts” that God has given them in this life.

John’s first book Freedom to Ascend is now available. He shares his personal journey and the uplifting experiences of his inspirational friends to show there is hope where many think there is none.

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My Mission

To serve my family, community, and the Lord by teaching and establishing strong relationships.

My Vision

To be a man of honor who adds value to millions of people around the world with books, podcasts, wisdom, and programs. Also, to create spaces for people to have fellowship in order to know Christ by imitating His ways while being a beacon of hope by sharing the Good News.

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