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My Story

For the past twenty years in education, coaching, leadership, podcasting, owner of 40 Days of Deliverance, and being a father and husband, I have learned many strategies to live a legacy life for future generations.  I also have worked with different people of diverse backgrounds and histories to help them find their true identity and self-worth in this world.  If you are interested in living your best life, let's get started together!

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My Mission

To serve my family, community, and transform minds to live a legacy life.

My Service

I am a man of honor who has dedicated my life to helping others become the best versions of themselves. The John Grdina Classroom is a coaching platform that I lead, which adds value to people's lives through books, podcasts, and programs. I work with individuals who are committed to personal growth, development, and self-improvement.  I welcome clients from all walks of life who are willing to put in the work to achieve their goals and transform their lives.

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