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The 40 Days of Deliverance program will change you and your life in ways you never thought possible. This program will have you going re-discover your purpose in life. You will gain structure for your soul, body, and spirit, which will bring you freedom in these areas. You will also learn that discipline and obedience are two cornerstones when you live out the daily disciplines of the program.


Having discipline will create new habits, which in turn will provide structure for maximizing your results. The fellowship you will experience within this program is beautifully designed and allows relationships to form organically. You will be surrounded by the greatest kind-hearted and loving people in this world. So take the chance now to devote 40 days to forging strong relationships and change the trajectory of your life!

40 Days of Deliverance: To Nourish Your Dry and Weary Spirit

SKU: 364215375135191
  • This is a signed copy of 40 Day of Deliverance. If you would also like a personalized note please let me know.

  • Flat Shipping Fee - $5

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