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The Legacy Life

  • The Legacy Life is meant to have you understand what gifts you have been given (Strengths and Personality) and how these join your passion and values to create your identity. 

  • Once you become more aware of these specific areas and how they create your identity, you have an opportunity to create a mission and vision for the life that you would like to live now and for your future.


  • After creating these meaningful statements, you will have an opportunity to explore specific career clusters that match your strengths, personality, passions and values.  Once you narrow down to a specific career cluster, you will find unique careers that allow you to have a passion for your work. 

  • Having a career that uses your talents, personality, and passions will be a large portion of your life that should be spent on feeling fulfilled in the profession you choose.

  • In conclusion, living a Legacy Life should help you be intentional about the life that you would want to live instead of just living a life without a specific purpose or mission.

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